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Artificial Intelligence/NLP Solutions

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ATrillion-Semantix, Inc. is a Technology AND Solutions Provider specializing in providing tools for Language-Enabling SQL Databases; and THEN, if desired, transforming these into the “brains” of dialog-capable Interactive Autonomous Agents with the ability to handle basic to more complex dialogs. The ROI-model is-or ought to be–clear on these two fronts as explained below.

Natural Language Database Interface

Elide–or at least mitigate–the need for dedicated Software and Database Developers. Our Easy-To-Use S.O.C.R.A.T.E.S Toolkit will help you set up your SQL Server database for English Language Queries

Interactive Intelligent Agents

Once English Language-Enabled, transform your SQL Server Database into the “brains” of an Interactive Agent capable of handling basic to reasonably complex dialogs and transactions; an invaluable addition to your Contact infrastructure. While we may not yet have attained a ubiquity in terms of autonomous intelligent agents handling corporate contact, dialog-enabled SQL Server databases are an important step in streamlining intra- and inter-corporate contact.

Save Time and Money: Stay Competitive

Ultimately the proof is in the pudding. Download the FREE ATrillion-Semantix AI/NLP Interface and get your fingers wet with English Language queries as a practical alternative to SQL.  Any corporate manager requiring consistent access to data stored on a SQL Server back-end should, in the least, be curious. There’s absolutely NOTHING to lose from exploring said curiosity.

The FREE ATrillion-Semantix AI/NLP interface is connected to our Test Online SQL Server and comes with documentation that walks the user through use-case scenarios demonstrating the utility of natural language queries in standard and sundry situations.  It however does not come with the S.O.C.R.A.T.E.S. AI/NLP ToolKit which is what configures the SQL Server instance for Natural Language and Dialog-Orientation through an easy to use point-and-click application.  The use-case scenarios should help one make a determination about whether you can afford NOT to have this tool while your competition does! Certainly, English Language-enabled SQL Server databases augmented with dialog-capability ought to be considered, for the serious back office, a veritable must-have. Download Below.

English Language Interface (SQL Server)