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The Business Case

Artificial Intelligence/NLP Solutions

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Q: Just What Problem Does AI/NLP Technology Solve?

A: We Save You Money!

And just how do we do this?

In any corporate environment, information requisition—that most critical aspect of the corporate chain—is often constrained by—or inconveniently tethered to—the technical staff; schedules, abilities etc.  The problem solved by having an easy-to-use tool for configuring a SQL Server back-end for natural language input is that once a database is setup for natural language, any user equipped with the vocabulary of the business model can simply communicate requests to the database using intuitive language predicated upon the EXACT manner in which the user formulates the inquisitions natively without the need for a technical middleman as such to speak.

Additionally, the Atrillion-Semantix S.O.C.R.A.T.E.S toolkit can be used to transform a language-enabled SQL Server back-end into an autonomous agent capable of handling varying complexities of dialog transactions opening up an entire vista of applications certain to be a must-have for any enterprise interested in streamlining and optimizing intra- and inter- corporate contact infrastructure with the obvious fiscal rewards inherent in the mitigation, and where feasible eliding, the contact costs associated with human agency.

As a  technology AND solutions provider, ATrillion-Semantix’ underlying technology is tailored to save YOU money in two ways:

  1. By mitigating or even eliding the need for dedicated SQL Developers and SW Engineers in order to handle Enterprise query requirements.  Using our S.O.C.R.A.T.E.S AI-NLP toolkit, Corporate Managers are no longer tethered to the schedules, whims and, dare we say it, tyranny of the technical staff.  The toolkit is programmable using XML as well as with a very easy-to-use Artificial Intelligence Wizard.
  2. By providing you the ability to evolve your database driven applications to interactive dialog-oriented solutions capable of handling meaningful transactions–from simple question-answering to more complex situations such as Appointment scheduling, Issue Logging and Tracking, Event RSVP etc.

Download the FREE AI/NLP Interface connected to our Online SQL Server Database with accompanying documentation and technical whitepaper and decide in a hands-on manner if this technology and solutions presented are a fit for our organizations query and contact infrastructure.

English Language Interface (SQL Server)

                           The Technology

1. English-Language Enable Your SQL Database

2. Intelligent Interactive Solutions (Autonomous Agents)

Using your English-Enabled SQL Database backend as the “brains” of an autonomous agent, streamline intra- and extra-corporate contact by transforming your database into an interactive dialog-capable agent using our S.O.C.R.A.T.E.S toolkit.