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Artificial Intelligence/NLP Solutions

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S.O.C.R.A.T.E.S AI-NLP Toolkit

Transform your Enterprise Back-end into an English Language Dialog-Capable intelligent agent. Mitigates OR elides the need for SW developers and SQL Developers, allowing corporate managers to query the SQL database using intuitive natural language.

Download the FREE AI/NLP Interface connected to our Online SQL Server Database with accompanying documentation and technical whitepaper and decide in a hands-on manner if this technology and solutions presented are a fit for our organizations query and contact infrastructure.

English Language Interface (SQL Server)

Rolodex 9000

Cutting-edge new media contact software. Stay in touch with friends, family, fans etc. using this modern contact agent. Each rolodex entry is equipped with an intelligent agent that handles communication with the principal, serving as an autonomous contact agent (secretary if you will); ensuring that one is always in contact–even when one is not available.